Q.How do I change my address?

Please notify us promptly of any change in your mailing address. Please be sure the notice:

  • Is in writing
  • Contains your signature or the signature of your appointed agent
  • Includes your owner number
  • Specifies your old address and new address, including zip codes
  • Contains your social security number or tax identification number

You can download our change of address form here.

For your protection, address changes are not accepted by telephone. Please mail a completed form to:

Continental Resources, Inc.
Attn: MDG Department
P.O. Box 269000
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Or you can email a completed form to [email protected]

For more information, call Owner Relations at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257)


Q.How do I change my bank information

You can download our Direct Deposit (or bank change) form here.

Please mail a completed form to:

Continental Resources, Inc
Attn: MDG Department
PO Box 269000
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Or you can email the completed form to [email protected].

For more information, call Owner Relations at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).

Division Orders

Q.How do I calculate my interest?

Your net revenue interest (NRI) is equal to the number of net mineral acres (NMA) you own divided by the spacing unit acreage established for the well multiplied by the base royalty provided for in your oil & gas lease.

Formula: (Net Mineral Acres / Spacing Unit Acreage) x Royalty Rate

Example: If you own 10 net acres in a 640 acre spacing unit and your lease provides for a 3/16ths royalty, your interest is calculated as follows:

10 (NMA)/640 (Spacing Unit Acreage) x 3/16 (Royalty Rate) = 0.00292968

If you own an interest in an Oklahoma multi-unit well, your decimal calculated above would then be multiplied by the allocation factor for the section in which you own. The allocation factor for a multiunit well is set forth in the Property Description section in the top left of your division order. The allocation factor is determined by dividing the length of the completion interval located within the affected unit by the entire length of the completion interval in the subject multi-unit horizontal well.

Example: In the same scenario above, if the allocation factor for the section in which you own was 50%, your calculation would be as follows:

10 (NMA)/640 (Spacing Unit Acreage) x 3/16 (Royalty Rate) x 50% (Allocation Factor) = 0.00146484

Q.What is net mineral acreage (NMA)?

Net mineral acreage is your ownership in a tract of land multiplied by the gross acreage in said tract.

Example: If you own a 20% (or 1/5) interest in a 100 acre tract of land, you own 20 NMA out of the 100 gross mineral acre tract.

Q.What is a division order?

A division order is a record of your interest in a specific well. It contains your name, address, decimal interest, the spacing unit acreage, legal description of the well, interest type, allocation factor (if applicable), well number and well name.

Division orders are issued to all owners in a specific well after that well has had first sales of either oil or gas.

Amended division orders will be issued if a well undergoes a “rework” of ownership due to a spacing unit change, updated title information, or revised allocation factors. Amended division orders will also be
issued when a transfer of interest occurs between two or more parties.

You should only receive a division order if your interest has been calculated for a well’s initial disbursement or has been affected by some change that has occurred. Upon examination of your division orders, you should keep one copy for your records and remit an executed copy back to Continental Resources.

Q.What is a legal description?

A legal description is the geographical description of a property utilized for the purpose of identifying the location of real property. Legal descriptions can vary by state. In North Dakota and Oklahoma, a legal
description will include a Section, Township and Range.

Example: Section 12, Township 151N, Range 100W

Q.My checks reflect a different decimal interest compared to the interest reflected on my division order. Why?

The division order decimal is a summarized total of your interests in that particular well. If you derive your ownership from more than one lease in the well, then your decimal interest will be itemized per lease on your check detail. Please review all of the decimals noted on your check, add them together and confirm if they match the combined decimal interest listed on your division order. If they do not, please contact us at [email protected] or 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).

Please note: Any portion of your interest in suspended status will not be reflected on your check detail. (i.e. subject to a title requirement)

Q.You indicated that my interest was subjected to one or more title requirements, what do I need to do?

A copy of the requirement(s) should be included with your division order and/or indicated on the special clauses line of the division order form. If you did not receive a copy of the title requirement(s), please email our office at [email protected]

If you have received notification that your interest is subject to one or more title requirements, you may need to consult a qualified legal representative to discuss how to satisfy the title requirement(s).

Q.I have interest in a well, but I have not received a revenue check. Why?

Your account may be in suspense for one of the following reasons:

  • Title requirement
  • Address unknown
  • Uncashed revenue check
  • The revenue accrued is under the minimum release threshold per applicable state statute

Following a well’s first production, a revenue check will be issued within the state’s applicable statutory period regarding initial production revenue disbursement, assuming none of the above apply. 

Q.I believe my decimal interest is incorrect, what do I need to do next?

If you determine there are discrepancies with how your interest has been calculated, please provide in writing a full explanation of how you believe your interest should be calculated along with the supporting documentation to:

Continental Resources, Inc.
PO Box 269000
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
Attn: MDG

Or email us at [email protected]

Q.How do I change my account or transfer ownership?

A change in a life situation may result in either a change of ownership or a change to an owner’s payment status. Should one of those situations occur, we may require documentation to effectuate the change. Please review the common circumstances and their respective forms here, but note that certain jurisdictions may have differing legal requirements and additional documentation may be required. Please consult with a qualified legal representative if you have questions.

Q.How do I add beneficiaries to my account?

Unfortunately, you are unable to add beneficiaries to your account. Please consult with a qualified legal representative to assist in the estate planning process.

Q.How long will it take to transfer my interest after I submit all the required documentation?

Transfers are processed in the order in which they are received. Our goal is to have the transfers processed within 45 days.

Upon completion of a transfer, an amended division order will be issued/mailed reflecting this change. If you have not received a division order after 60 days, please contact our office at [email protected] or 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).

Q.Can you provide a blank deed for me to complete?

We are unable to provide deeds to owners.

In order to make sure any and all legal requirements are met to effectuate a transfer of real property, please consult with a qualified legal representative.

Q.What if I want to lease or sell my interest to Continental Resources?

To lease or sell your interest, please contact our office at [email protected] or 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).

Joint Interest Billing

Q.Where should my JIB payments be sent?

Joint Interest Billing (JIB) payments should be mailed to: 

P.O. BOX 952724
ST. LOUIS, MO 63195-2724

(Please include with payment your 9-digit customer number along with any payment detail)

Q.When is my Joint Interest Billing (JIB) statement processed?

JIB statements are generally processed and mailed around the second week of the following month. If you are missing your JIB statement, or for electronic access, you can view and print all statements via


Q.How do I read my check detail?

Click here to view a sample check detail with explanations provided

Q.Why wasn't I paid this month?

The most common reason is that your account balance hasn’t reached the required minimum amount set up for your account under your lease or applicable law.

You can lower your required minimum amount by submitting a written request that includes your owner number, the amount that you’d like your minimum to be lowered to (as low as $25), and your signature.

All balances over $10, but less than set minimum pay levels, are paid annually in June. Balances under $10 are paid when required by law.

Q.Why does my payment amount change each month?

A number of factors can influence your payments each month, including: 

  • Fluctuations in prices received and volumes sold
  • Normal production declines as a property ages
  • Temporary mechanical or operating changes affecting production

If you notice a significant change in the amount of your payment and you have reason to believe an error has occurred, please contact our Owner Relations department at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).

Q.If I haven't received my payment, what do I do?

If you haven’t received your payment and it’s been at least 20 days since issuance, contact Owner Relations at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).  The payment can be voided and reissued on the next qualifying disbursement. We need to be aware that the payment is missing.

If your address has changed since the disbursement took place, contact us at the Owner Relations number listed above. The payment can be voided and reissued on the next qualifying disbursement.

Q.What is a stale-dated check?

Our revenue checks are not negotiable after 90 days. If you did not deposit your check within that time, we must re-issue the check. You will not need to return the payment in order for it to be reissued.

Once a payment is past the 90 days, do NOT deposit/cash the payment. It will not clear and Continental Resources will not reimburse the returned check fee charged by your financial institution. 

Q.Can I have my payment direct deposited instead of receiving a check?

Yes – in order to have EFT/Direct Deposit set up for your account, you will need to complete and return the EFT/Direct Deposit form or click here.

Please note that disbursement details are provided via email and Oildex access. Please click here for Oildex connect access to view payments.

Q.How can I receive my check/disbursement details?

If you receive payment via check, you will receive your detail with your payment each disbursement. You can also sign up for online access to view details by contacting Oildex at 855.301.5241. The setup is simple, and you should be able to access your details the same day to view, save, and print as needed.

If you receive payment via EFT/direct deposit, you will receive your detail via email. You can also sign up for online access to your details by contacting Oildex at 855.301.5241. The setup is simple, and you should be able to access your details the same day to view, save, and print as needed.

Q.My check detail is unreadable due to the font. What should I do?

Verify that your reader software (Adobe) is up to date.

If you’re still having an issue after verifying, sign up for online access to your details by calling Oildex at 855.301.5241. The setup is simple, and you should be able to access your details the same day to view, save, and print as needed.

Q.I noticed backup withholding on my payment. Why is this being applied to my payments?

Backup withholding is required by the Internal Revenue Service when an owner doesn’t provide a tax ID or Social Security Number. In order to stop future backup withholding, complete and submit a W-9 to Continental Resources by mail or email at PO Box 269000, Oklahoma City, OK 73126 or [email protected]. Previously applied withholdings will not be refunded by Continental Resources.

Q.I noticed state withholding on my payment. Why is this being applied to my payments?

State withholding is applied to all accounts according to the law of the state where the production occurred.

Q.Why is my payment different from others in my family?

This can occur for numerous reasons, including:

  • Mineral ownership between family members is not equal;
  • The family members’ interests arise from different leases with different terms;
  • Some family members may not have provided Continental Resources with a Tax ID (TIN) or other required information;
  • State withholding for family members residing in different states;
  • Some family members may own interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned; 
  • Other factors possibly causing variances between family member check amounts may be related to stale dated checks, returned checks and/or address changes.
Q.Do I have to cash/deposit my payments, and what happens if I don't?

It’s up to you whether or not you cash/deposit your payments.

If you do not cash more than 3 monthly or 2 semiannual/annual disbursements in a row, then your account will be placed in suspense and subject to escheat. You can release your account from suspense by contacting us at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257). 

Q.I'm wanting to value my mineral interests. Can you tell me how much my interests are worth?

Unfortunately, we cannot value your interests. 

However, if you’re seeking to sell your interests to Continental Resources, contact Owner Relations at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257) and they may be able to assist.

Q.Can I add more than one email to my account?
A.Unfortunately, there can only be one email setup per revenue disbursement account.
Q.What if I've forgotten my login information to my online account?
A.In order to make any changes to your online access/account, please contact Oildex at 855.301.5241. Only Oildex can make the changes to your online account.
Q.When are payments disbursed each month?
A.Payments are disbursed by the end of each month due.
Q.I have direct deposit set up, when should I expect funds to be deposited into my account?
A.A notification is emailed anytime a disbursement is made on your account. The funds should be present within 2 business days after the notification.


Q.When can I expect my 1099 form?

We will mail your 1099 information each year by January 31st.

Q.I noticed backup withholding on my payment. Why is this being applied to my payments?

Backup withholding is required by the Internal Revenue Service when a recipient doesn’t provide a tax ID or Social Security Number. In order to stop future backup withholding, complete and submit a W-9 to Continental Resources by mail or email at PO Box 269000, Oklahoma City, OK 73126 or [email protected]. Previously applied withholdings will not be refunded by Continental Resources.

Q.What's the depletion rate of my mineral interests?
A.You will need to contact your tax advisor regarding questions concerning your tax return.
Q.How do I report certain income/expenses on my tax return?
A.You will need to contact your tax advisor regarding questions concerning your tax return.
Q.Why didn't I get a 1099?

You need to be sure that we have your current address and Social Security number. Forms to correct either of these are available to you at or by clicking here. 1099s are issued to royalty owners who have received a gross amount of $10.00 or greater during the tax year and to working interest owners and vendors who have received $600.00 or greater during the tax year. Entities identified as corporations are generally not issued a 1099.

Q.How do I obtain a copy of my 1099?
A.Please contact our Owner Relations department at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).
Q.How can I have discrepancies corrected?
A.Please contact our Owner Relations department at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257).
Q.Can I access my 1099 online?

We do not provide online access for 1099s at this time. We provide 1099s via email or mail. Please contact the Owner Relations department at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257) to request a copy.

Q.Why is my 1099 amount higher than what I received this year?

Your 1099 total includes the gross value amounts paid before taxes, post-production deductions and income tax withholding (state/federal). On the second page of your 1099, the net amount should equal the total amount that you received. If you need a detailed breakdown of the totals, please contact our Owner Relations hotline at 1.844.883.5CLR (5257) .

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