Since our inception, Continental Resources has been a leader in utilizing advanced technologies to explore and produce oil and natural gas. We were one of the first companies to implement horizontal drilling and well stimulation, and we also discovered one of the largest oil-producing meteor impact craters in the country.

A meteorite that hit the Ames, Oklahoma area 450 million years ago produced a crater 8 miles in diameter. The crater cannot be seen on the surface of the earth today because it was subsequently buried by 9,000 feet of sediment, and it remained unrecognized until 1991 when Harold Hamm and the scientific team at Continental Resources conducted seismic surveys to confirm that the crater held an abundant oil field.

The Ames Crater meteorite impact site is one of only six oil-producing craters in the United States, and is one of the largest producing impact craters, with 20 million barrels of oil and 130 billion cubic feet of gas. It is one of the most remarkable and studied geological features in the world because of its economic significance.

Please read on to discover our continued spirit of innovation with advanced technologies.

Horizontal drilling gives us access to resource plays that were previously not economic to produce. With this technology, we are unlocking oil and natural gas reservoirs throughout the U.S., reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign energy imports.

Well stimulation is an oil and gas term for using high pressure water and sand to crack a rock formation deep underground.

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